Secular vs. Sacred


I think this whole secular vs sacred is the poison to spiritual growth, to really knowing God. If we believe the veil was torn, then we should act like it. There is no separation between the two.

Imagine that every Sunday morning there's a comedy club that people go to, everyone goes, they laugh together and leave. Most people that attended say to themselves "that made me laugh so much, I cannot wait until next week" but very few say "that made me laugh so much, I want to find humor in everything I see throughout the week". Some would say to them "well there are just some places that you can't find humor, like a funeral for example". But when my Uncle Kevin died, who was one of the funniest people I've ever met, his funeral was filled with laughter as we remembered the stories of him. But if I went in there deciding that I can't find humor there, I wouldn't have found it, in fact I would have been offended that other people were laughing during his funeral.

I hope you see the analogy. If you go to church and feel like you've experienced God, I assure you that you'll find Him throughout the week if you'll just look. In fact, I know that I've laughed more outside of comedy clubs and felt God more outside of churches. I'm not saying don't go to either, but I'm saying, don't limit it to the building.

And like I said, the people that have decided they can't find humor at a funeral will be offended at you for doing just that. The people that have separated secular with sacred, will get very upset at you from finding God in unexpected places. The Bible calls them pharisees, but I say that gently because I'm prone to being one myself, in fact I think that our whole lives we sway back and forth to pharisees and Christ followers. Basically, we've learned a joke that's gotten a good laugh, but haven't learned how to tell it differently when there are different audiences.

your friend,