The Gospel According to a Nerd

Being in a the spotlight, even a little, bit seems to require me to have some kind of stance or set opinion on certain things. I think that's why it's really important not to put your identity on your fame, status, following, career, friends or anything else. Because once you put your identity on a "Christian that ______" you become a slave to being that blank if you want to keep that following, those friends, that career. For example, if you are known as a Christian who ________ a lot of other Christians that _______ will follow you on Twitter and support your career because they agree with your opinions, then you don't have much room to change, grow or hear from God about what He is calling you to do.

This happens most with politicians, they have a platform and then they aren't really aloud to change their stance or opinion on something, because they've collected a lot of people that follow and support them because they agree with said politician.

I think that's why it's so important to not let your banner be anything besides Jesus. Believe me, a lot of your stances and opinions will change and praise God for that. I'm so glad I don't have the same views and opinions that I once had. I feel like that's a big part of the Gospel is that in this life God is changing us and shaping us into new creatures, new beings. We shouldn't be the same as we were five years ago and hopefully we don't have the same stances that we did there. Sure we'll have a lot of the same, but you can't imagine or expect or even hope that we'd have all the same opinions that we once did.

"Faith like a child" is a phrase that thousands of people have speculated what it means and I do believe it's one of those things that Jesus said, that can mean a lot of things. For me as of right now, it means that our faith needs to be like a child is. Someone that is growing and willing to grow and wanting to grow. An adult is someone that is grown, or as children call them, "Grown-ups", they are 'done'. I think Jesus is telling us to never be done growing. We need to be like Peter Pan and never want to grow up, but at the same time always be willing to grow.

I was filming something today and it reminded me of how we see God. I know not everyone reading this is a camera nerd so I'll try to explain as best I can.

When you take a lens off a digital camera that still has it's power on, the image will get really bright to the point of complete white. Because lenses are what take in the light and control it in some respects. You can close the iris on a lens and let in less light and open it up to let in more. A normal professional lens can only open it's iris up a certain amount. The better the lens the more light it allows in but even then, it can only open so much. When you take out the lens all you have is the light and you can't make out anything. Hopefully I explained this well enough to set up the analogy.

We are like the camera sensor, the part that holds the lens, our theology/view of God (which everyone has, even atheists) is the lens and God is the light. With a bad lens or bad theology things will be scratched, blurry and unclear. A good lens allows you to see the beauty of this world. With no lens we are unable to comprehend anything. But this is super important to hear, even the best lens ever made is still limiting the light allowed in. The sensor cannot handle all the light because it's too powerful for it. God is way bigger than us, He's holy, we're not and there will always be parts of God we have yet to learn or can't currently comprehend or ever will in this life. We need to remember that though our ideas and theologies are what allow us to see Him better, God will always be bigger than our theologies and ideas. It's almost a paradox, they theology we have allows us to see them but we need to not finish learning more, find ways to allow more light in.

For me, I'd love to have everything figured out, I'd love to have my stances and opinions worked out and decided. But I don't. I need to be fine with that. Because there are a lot of blurry subjects and though I've heard confident people state their views on one side or another, it won't do me any good until they help me clear off my lens. But if they are too abrasive and rough, it might scratch my lens and I'll always have a hard time seeing that subject clearly.

"No matter how we look at it, personal prejudice always obscures the truth" -12 Angry Men

your friend,