Divorcing God

I have a good friend that has recently told me that he isn't a Christian anymore. That he doesn't believe in Jesus. I've heard this many times before from close friends and family even. But something he said stood out to me. It may have been the reason why he lost his faith in the first place. He said "Don't worry though, I'm still the same person". If you are still the same person without Jesus, then I wonder how much Jesus you had in the first place. Our bodies are 70% water, if you took out all the water, we could not be the same person physically, it's so ingrained in us and a part of us.

Now when I stop wearing a hat, that doesn't change me physically. It might change what I look like, but that is one of the purposes of a lot of articles of clothing, is to make you look a certain way. You put it on for style, maybe to fit in, maybe to look a certain way.

When you walk away from Christianity and are still the same person, I wonder if you just were a Christian for style, acceptance or appearance in the first place.

But most importantly, I think that you have shaken down Christianity to be a set a rules. If Christianity is not doing certain things and doing other things. You can very well remain the same person after. So I think you are not really walking away from Christianity but more properly labeling what you were in the first place, just a moral person, not a friend of Jesus.

Divorce affects both parties a whole lot. Even if they don't admit it. And the closer the relationship was, the harder the divorce. A true relationship of any sort is a process of growing together and doing life together. When a relationship ends it's ripping apart the togetherness and having to do life alone, or without that person.

I have a friend that is married and his wedding ring left a rash on his finger so he took it off, so I asked him why he didn't get a tattoo ring, he said "whoa, that's pretty intense". I thought of that for a while. Marriage is intense, it's suppose to be intense. Sure, I understand, if the wife died young, he'd be stuck with that ring tattoo, etc. But marriage is intense. God gives us marriage as an analogy of our relationship with him. It's intense, it's deep and it's life changing. The couples that get married just to do it, but really say "I'll stay with them until we disagree" are the marriages that end up not being as full. I think we will disagree with God about things, but committing early on and saying, "I'm willing to work out the disagreements as they come, figure out His side, etc" then that's when we truly start experiencing the fullness of our relationship with him.

So if Jesus is supposed to be a relationship and not a religion. We shouldn't be the same if we walk away from Him. If we are the same or can possibly be the same from walking away from him, then I think we are really just walking away from the religion, but even then, you are just getting rid of the religious title, because if you are the same, you are still just following the same list of rules (but with a different name).

If you took Jesus away from your life and it would remain the same, you should wonder if he really is your foundation. If you take away something from something else, that'll show you how much that thing really depended on the thing that you removed. I know that if you took away my clothes, I'd be the same person, but if you took away my water, I'd die, I'd shrivel and I'd look totally different. I hope the same applies if you took away Jesus.

your friend,