Where can I buy some Gopher Wood?

So a few blogs back I mentioned how I wanted to dedicate my whole life to God, but I felt like I was missing something. I mentioned a quote that says "one man 100% dedicated to God can do more for the kingdom than one-hundred men 99% dedicated to Him." I felt 90% dedicated and was wondering what I was missing.


I was hoping that God would tell me what I need to do and let me do it.


I have been a self-employed man for around 6 years now. Normally a client will hire me for a video/film and tell me what they want, I will make it, send it to them for approval, make a few changes and send them the final. I answer to only deadlines, but until then, they don't see it or direct it until it's at a "draft" stage. I guess that is how I expected my Christian walk to be. I wanted God to give me a task like "build an Ark" and I just work on that Ark until I am done. But I think God works differently.


I think God says today, "get some Gopher Wood", tomorrow He says, "get some tools", and the next day, "buy a raincoat".


It requires me to constantly pray, "what next God?".


Like I said a client normally gives me a task, then I don't here from them until it's done. But when I was working under someone as an camera-op/editor I learned a ton from them sitting behind me while editing saying, "do it this way", "let me show you a trick" or "this is what I want".


Instead of God just asking me to do a task and letting me do it, He wants me to keep in prayer, seeking His direction.


If a client hires me and doesn't see anything until the deadline, they have to have a lot of trust in me. But if a client doesn't tell me what the end result will be, but just says, I will tell you what to edit today, then I have to keep in constant communication with them. Then I would have to trust them.


"Give us this day our daily bread" it talks about daily bread, why not weekly bread? Maybe because we need to trust Him each day.


God doesn't give me a task and let's me be, because I will screw it up, I will lose sight.


Basically, I need to trust God, He doesn't need to trust me.


This past week, I have started praying in general. It's not a thing I try to do. But a thing I plan to do and make time to do. And it's been rocking my world. I have gotten more fulfillment and saw God's love change people's lives through me more in this past week, then I have the entire year before.


If you want God to really change your life, listen to Him and seek His voice.


If you haven't prayed in a while it will be hard, possibly awkward, but each day, plan on talking a walk around your neighborhood or workplace or school and just pray.


It would be foolish for Michael Jordan's son to aspire to be a good basketball and not go to His dad daily for some coaching, guidance and advice. Just like it would be foolish for a Christian, that is aspiring to love and have their lives and hearts renewed but not go to their Father in heaven daily asking for Him to change their hearts and teach them to love.


your friend,