Fish Out of Water

When buying a goldfish it's important to take the plastic bag you brought it home in and place it in the tank water for a few hours so the water temperature in the tank and the bag are the same and it prevents shock to the fish.


God says it's important for people to not be luke warm, it's either you are hot or you are cold, in or you're out.


I feel like when I surround myself with a lot of luke warm Christians I start to grow luke warm, just like when you put the goldfish bag into a luke warm tank, eventually the bag water becomes luke warm.


But then again every liquid will becomes luke warm when nothing is challenging it. If there isn't a refrigerator chilling the liquid or a flame heating it, it will eventually become luke warm.


Unchallenged liquids become luke warm.


I think this is another reason we should all be challenging ourselves and others in the faith.


I want to constantly be thinking of my creator and Lord, and challenging others to think the same.


your friend,