Opposite of Love

The opposite of love isn't hate, but it's loving yourself more than someone else. Love is how we follow God, how we get to know God and how we learn from God. Anything less than love isn't God.

"He who does not love, does not know God, for God is love"

It's easy to start thinking that as long as you don't hate someone we are doing fine. People say all the time "I have nothing against him". They think that is where they are supposed to be at. But I believe God wants something bigger than 'not having something against someone', but having something for them, giving our lives for that person. Especially not using their lives for our needs.

After touring and working for the Christian music scene for 6-7 years I have picked up a lot of stories about a lot of different Christian acts. One time I was with a group of friends and they wanted to know about the bands they grew up listening to that I had the chance of working with, meeting or hearing about from their former employees. After leaving the house it hit me that I was just gossiping. I felt so convicted and horrible. I didn't hate those people, I just wanted to be interesting to my friends, I wanted to have good interesting stories. I didn't hate those artists, I just decided that my storytelling, my reputation was a little more important than theirs. That is the opposite of love.

One time I was with a group of friends and we were talking about a former co-worker and all the crazy stuff he did to get fired. A lot of the stuff he did was hilarious so we all took turns exchanging stories. I had a few to throw in the mix. I didn't hate this guy, I just had some kind of idea that my jokes and stories about this man, my humor, was more important than this man's perceived character. That was the opposite of love.

You can look at porn and not have any hate in your heart towards any of the girls or guys you are looking at. But when you look at porn you decide in your heart that your desires are more important than their desires.

We start seeing people as objects, a tool to give us more laughs, an object to get us more listens, a tool to fulfill our temporary lustful desires, we start forcing others into slavery. "I need your flaws and failures to tell this story" or "I need your body to fulfill my cravings".

When you are loving someone, you cannot sin. "He who loves his brother abides in the light, and there is no cause for stumbling in him." -John 2:10

something I have been thinking about.

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