The Box

This guy had a box and he carried it around with him for years and all his neighbors got a little curious. "What's in the box?" they asked one another. Some said it was candy, some say it was his childhood toys but they all wanted to open it to end the mystery.


The guy with the box said, "that which is in here is the most powerful, inspiring thing I have ever gotten to know". Which doesn't cure anyone's curiosity but deepens it. "It must be some kind of creature" some said, the others said "It's a answer book of the hardest questions" and he continues to carry it around, unopened but well embraced.


After many years he is on his deathbed with his box close by. His brother remembered the power he described about the contents of the box and decides to open it in hopes that the contents will cure his brother. After opening it, he sees that there is just a paperclip inside. "What is this?" he asks, and his brother replies, "I suppose that's a paperclip", his brother asked "I thought this box contained something powerful", and he replied "it did, what that box contained, up until you opened it, was mystery, a mystery that kept me guessing, kept me searching and asking questions. When onlookers decided in their minds what the box contained, they lost inspiration, they lost curiosity. It was the mystery that kept me guessing, it was the mystery that kept me searching. Anytime I thought I figured it out, I stopped caring about the box, when I really learned that I didn't know it's contents, that is when the box became real to me again. Too often we think we explained the simple mysteries of life and forget to learn more about them. We start to be content with our conclusions and never keep guessing. That's what we do with God everyday, we decide what kind of God He is and conclude, we fail to embrace Him as a mystery we can know".