Cross My Heart

Sometimes when I go to church I hear people talking about 'always looking towards the cross' and always thinking about what Jesus has done for us. I am not always thinking of the cross and Jesus' death. When I hear people say that they do it makes me think that I am doing something wrong, and maybe I am.


When I feel like I am truly loving someone and letting God love someone through me, a lot of those times I am not thinking of Jesus dying on the cross. Though I haven't forgotten, I don't love people because I remembered Jesus dying on a cross.


But I wonder if I am supposed to always think of Jesus dying on the cross. If I wore glasses, should I engrave a picture of Him dying on the cross so I see that over everything else I see?


The way I have come to think [correct me if I am wrong:] is that it's like my relationship with my mother. She went through a lot of pain in child birth to have me. Nobody else has experienced that pain for me. When I hang out with her, laugh and love, do I think of that all the time? Do I constantly remember that and it reminds me to love her more? No. I think that knowledge is the foundation of our relationship, and it hasn't slipped my mind, but her motherhood is so embedded in my mind that I don't have to think of that or all the other things she has done for me, when I see her, I know she loves me and if I ever doubt she loves me I can think of all the things she has done for me, if someone asks me why I believe she loves me, I can recall all the things she has done for me.


I think that is what it means to think of the cross. Dying on the cross and rising again is what makes Jesus my saviour and that is embedded in my mind but I don't think of that before I love someone, I don't picture Jesus bleeding and dying for me in order to inspire me to love others. My relationship with Jesus inspires that. But if I need to remember that Jesus loves me, I can think of the cross. When I need to explain how Jesus loves them, I can explain that amongst other things. That is the foundation of my beliefs, but not something I recall before every action of love.


Once we are convinced that Jesus loves us, and we come to Him as our saviour, we start to love people, when we forget the love Jesus has for us, we should remember the cross and the other things he has done for us even when we didn't deserve it.


your friend,