If God had a Facebook...

If God had a facebook I think a lot of people would add Him as a friend, just because it's almost socially un-accepted if they didn't [even if they weren't being honest with themselves].   

I think a lot of people would use His wall to promote their CD's, bands, books, blogs, twitters, and anything else because they know that people are more likely to support them if they seem to have ties with the same God [even if they didn't know Him personally or even want to].


I think a lot of people would make their best conversations with Him in public, lengthy and also attempt to appear very close to Him [Luke 20:47}.


I am not sure how many of us would really send Him any personal messages. Because not many others would get to see that we are friends with Him.


I am not sure how many of us would accept a chat invitation from Him, because we would be afraid that He will rebuke us and condemn us, instead of ask us about our day [maybe sometimes we would even pretend that He isn't even requesting a chat]. 


We might be fine with writing on HIs wall because our mutual friends would see, but we may get embarrassed if He posted on our wall because our non-mutual friends might see.


We could assume that He isn't interested in our relationship status [even though He is].


We would have to tag Him in every photo. [Psalm 139:7-8]


I think we may rather assume His political views to be aligned with our own, instead of finding out the truth about His political views.


A lot of us might want to scan through His info but not really bother to get to know Him past that.


I think if God had a facebook, He would be the only one on facebook that wouldn't get annoyed if you 'poked' Him.


I don't think all of these apply to everyone, but some of these may apply to us. It's something to think about at least. I know for sure that I view God this way sometimes. I always have to make sure I'm don't have only a distant friendship with Him. Sometimes we treat Him like a real dad, we get embarrassed by Him around our friends and we hope He doesn't get a facebook. Sometimes we truly do avoid talking to Him after screwing up because we think He will just rebuke us and hate us. So we like to add Him as a friend, we may even use Him to promote ourselves, but I think if we truly get to know Him we will realize how wrong we are, we will realize how much He really loves us and wants our friendship, regardless of what you have on your profile and your interests. 


"I have come to call not the self-righteous, but the sinners" -God


It's so good to know that whatever I have done, wherever I am in my lack of understanding, He is waiting for me to accept His friend request and chat invitation. 


your friend,