Filtered Doggy Water

Since I moved to Atlanta I noticed at  certain gas stations you can find a collection of Hispanic people waiting on the curb, hoping to find random freelance work. As I was driving I was thinking of ways to show God's love to them. They probably experience a lot of racial tension from the locals, so I am guessing if they saw a local kid doing anything for them it would speak a lot. It was a hot day so I thought, "I should bring them waters". As I was thinking of ways to connect with them, I drove by a huge billboard that read, "Pet Spa". It had a huge picture of a dog on a beach chair and just relaxing. As I read on, I learned that you can send your dog to an air conditioned, customized relaxation room, with treats and filtered water.   

I understand why people do this, it's because they are attached to their pet. I believe that we usually do a lot for the people or things we are attached to. Sometimes we can be over-attached. Parents can be over-attached and spoil their child, or in this case, over-attached pet owners spoiling their pet.


"Where your heart is, your treasure is also" - Jesus


I used to judge people for buying really expensive useless items when there are people all over the world dying of curable diseases. God showed me that if those people were walking past a person that needed water to live, a good amount of those people would do something about it. But it's because it's not right in front of us that we are detached from people dying from the lack of water. That is what makes it so easy for us to buy those useless things [myself included]. 


During a famine in France, someone approached the queen, Marie Antoinette, with the fact that people are starving with no bread to eat. She replied, "let them eat cake". She either did that to show that she doesn't care about them, or she did that without knowing that it showed her lack of care. Either way, she was very detached from them, not knowing their needs, not knowing that cake isn't as available to them as it is to her.


Detachment is what allows us to so easily not care for our neighbor and attachment allows us to understand and meet the needs of those around us. This is why it's starting to make sense that Jesus wants us to be unified. 


If you own a material possession, see a brother in need and don't take pity on him, the love of God is not in you. [paraphrased from 1 John 3:17]


Maybe our problem is not that we aren't taking pity on those in need, but we are refusing to see those that are in need?


your friend,