Stupid drivers. Smart God.

I was at a toll-booth in the middle of Atlanta rush hour traffic. The driver two cars in line ahead of me put their money in the dish and drove up to the lift gate only to find out they didn't put in all the needed change. After almost a minute of sitting there I noticed that this driver wasn't doing anything about it but just stopping traffic. So I grabbed 50 cents, ran out of my car to the change dish, threw the money in and ran back. The lift gate opened in front of the driver, they still just sat there. At this point all the cars are honking to inform the driver that the gate is up and they should just go. After sitting there through the honking, the driving put their truck in reverse, which made all the cars behind them have to also go in reverse. Then the driver threw change in the dish and peeled out of the booth when the gate lifted.   

I thought, if only this person knew that they could have just went when the gate was opened for them. 


This can sound a bit cheesy but I really learned a lot about Jesus through this. Jesus paid our toll so we can move forward, but it's when we don't realize or forget that he did, we just sit there and do nothing. Some of us tell ourselves we need to pay the toll ourselves. Some of us say we believe that it is paid for but just sit there. But it's the combination of belief and works. It's not just believing but also driving forward as a reaction to that belief. 


When we don't believe it, it can affect the drivers behind us. 


your friend,