Light, Food and Death

I am going to get the ball rolling on some questions, my intentions aren't to make anyone stumble but only to make us look at God with more awe and wonder. I know that once I start asking, then I get more questions for a lot more things and I love it. It's kind of like when you buy a computer, you aren't done you then got to buy the programs, then the accessories, then the internet, etc. You are never done, this is the same way, you start with a big question and then you just keep getting more and you have much more respect for God and the things around you.  

When I am hungry I know that food cures my hunger, I am trying to think if I can logically explain to someone why food cures hunger, I think the reason us humans know this fact is because of experience. When we were hungry we eat and we are no longer hungry [with the exception of Chinese food]. I am sure someone can sit me down and explain the chemicals and digestive system etc. But I think the majority of us know this from experience and not reading a book, but by just eating.


So we have this equation: 

Hunger + Food = -Hunger


One equation I can't seem to wrap my head around is this:

Sin + Death = -Sin


So when I sin, I don't feel the need to die, nor do I feel the need for someone else to die. I think that if we all felt the need for something/someone to die after we sin, I think more people would understand the need for Jesus. 


Light + Darkness = -Darkness


Food conquers hunger, light conquers darkness, etc. When I think of someone's death, even the purest of being dying, it doesn't make sense to me that it would conquer sin. 


The Bible/Torah says, "without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sins", Hebrews 9:22


So I think about this, hunger is the absence of food and darkness is the absence of light. The more we understand about hunger and darkness, the more we really understand the need for food and light. So I think we need to understand sin a bit more.


I am realizing, even while typing, the amount of mis-interpretations and thoughts about sin itself even in my own brain. But while typing I am reminded of the first time sin is mentioned in the Bible, which talks about Adam and Eve dying after eating of the fruit. Now of course they didn't die in our typical definition of death, but instantly they became spiritually dead when they had sinned.


Also I don't think of sin as merely breaking one of many rules God set down, but failing to love [which Jesus says that all the laws of the prophets hang on "love God, love people"], for example you can't love someone and lie to them at the same time, but when you lie to someone you actually are doing something separate from your love for them. In the end, sin is a failure to obey God/love. I think a lot of this comes together when taking the "God is Love" verse literally, we separate ourselves from God when we sin. Also if God is life and the author of life, then when we separate ourselves from Him, spiritual death makes sense, just like darkness makes sense when you take out the light.


So this is where I am at, I kind of understand why we all spiritually die [and eventually die physically], but I don't understand how another death can change this. I understand the idea of Jesus taking our place, but not sure about everything. I do believe that it does, I just would like to learn how it does.


Either way, though I don't fully understand my digestive system and never will, I still eat, because regardless of my understanding the truth remains the same, the need for food when I am hungry remains the same. I may not understand, but I certainly receive the life changing gift and everything else Jesus offers and I only hope to continue to try to understand the mystery of my faith.


As always, read these blogs knowing that I could be wrong, I just want to learn, and I haven't done much learning not asking questions.


your friend,




1 John 4:8 [God/Love] Matthew 22:36-40 [love God/love people]