Filtered for great taste

Unfortunately, every time I think of nature I instantly think tress, grass and bodies of water. So when I try to learn about God through nature I keep saying "ok God, teach me about you through trees", tonight I realized that I haven't limited what God can teach me, but I have limited what God can teach me from.  

It's kind of like when we listen to a pastor or a professor at college, we expect to learn when they speak. But then we have the potential to start to limit truth to those occupations. I am being reminded by God that I need to start looking for truth/lessons everywhere, I need to start trying to learn from everything, every little experience. Every time I take a breath a million different things happen inside of my body, that is nature, that is God who made it that way. 


I always feel the need to be sure to say that I don't believe that nature is God, just like you can learn about God from a church, it doesn't make the church become God. God can and will teach you things from anything, but be sure to not confuse the lesson as God.


I am staying at a good friend's house in Atlanta until I move into a place of my own. This house has one of those refrigerators with the water dispenser built-in to it, and this family put two filters on it, so it literally takes 10 minutes to fill a glass with water, because I could care less about filtered or unfiltered water I just drink form the sink which is three feet away. I think the amount of time it takes to fill up a glass from the fridge discourages this family to drink water all together.


I think sometimes we want a lesson that was specific or intentionally a lesson, so much that we aren't willing to pray that God will teach us in the unexpected. Sometimes we want all truth or nothing which doesn't allow us to find the truth in a rated R movie or a secular album. I have had God teach me some very honest things through some very unusual circumstances, and I had question it, process it and certainly not take it at face value. Don't limit your source of water to certain friends that are fancy with their words.


I certainly don't want to come off like I believe all paths lead to God, because I certainly do not. My house is on one street, Calthrop, there are many paths/streets that lead to Calthrop, but eventually there is NO WAY you can get to my house without getting on Calthrop. People have met Jesus in many different ways, but there is no way to God without Jesus.


There was a guy that left his Christian faith and was totally rebelling against everything he believed and one day a crack-head said "you need Jesus" and this man replied "what the F do you know? You are a crack-head" and the crack-head said, "just because I smoke crack it doesn't make that statement any less true". That changed that man's life, he eventually came back to Jesus because of the many nights that truth kept him up.


I am saying that there is a lesson in everything, we shouldn't only think there are lessons in intentional lessons like sermons, blogs and teachings. But find the lessons in breathing, coughing, looking at the blue sky, looking at worms, squirrels and even talking to friends that just seem to tell jokes.


Just like the filtered water, if the only source of your learning is from intentional lessons, than you will only learn more when you are at church, school or etc. But if you realize there are a million other ways to learn, but the other ways you need to filter yourself, then you will continue to be amazed by the God that invented toe-nails. 


your friend,