The Discount Gospel.

I think it's right to say that more that 90% of the words we know, we have assumed the meaning of them. For example, in that last sentence how many of those words have you actually looked up in the dictionary to learn the meaning or how many have you asked someone the meaning of any of those words?  

For this reason I really have started to love buying antique dictionaries, not only because it's hip and retro to have vintage stuff, but also because the words haven't been cheapened throughout the years by our culture.


Just like we assume meanings for words everyday I believe that we have based whether or not we believe in God because of how we assume Him to be, because we have heard His name used along with some bogus statements. So I have started to read the Bible with new eyes, as if I have not grown up on the teachings of the church and starting to really getting into the teachings of Jesus. So with my dictionary close-by I started reading John, [because he seems to talk about God's vagueness in a specific way and more as a spirit instead of strictly a dad sitting on a chair up in space somewhere]. As I have been reading the Bible I look up any words that the Author or Jesus seems to talk very highly of, anything that seems important to the speaker I look up and start re-learning my faith and find it's sometimes far from the average American church but closer to a eastern Christianity. Though I do believe association and fellowship with all denominations is very important.



But I will explain a few of my favorite word discoveries:


Father: Founder, author. This brings whole new meaning to Father God, I do believe a positive father figure is a great analogy of our creator [even a Biblical analogy]. But It brings a new meaning to the verse that says something like "do not call anyone your father, except your father in heaven". Basically God is the author of our lives, He formed us, our dads just happened upon our mothers.


My very good friend told me once that he believes that the reason for so many Atheists in America is because of the American view of God. I agree, I think the American view of God has been very limited and also very cheapened compared to the real being. If we tell people we believe something created the entire universe, I believe it is also important not to describe Him as a wimp that gets offended at the F word and also that He has nothing better to do that make sure everyone is following a list. For all my non-Christian or I guess to anyone reading this, I think it's very important to forget everything you know or assume about God and truly get to know the pure truth about Him. Which I certainly am not the source of that truth, all I know is we need to find it. Because I know that especially in America, people are sick of hearing of God because of their view of Hell and anything else He has become associated with.


Another word I looked up the definition was, Name: To appoint for a special purpose, authority [in the name of the king I command you]


I looked this up because Jesus seems to make it very clear we need to believe on His name. There is a song by mewithoutYou that mentions this topic and they sing "I said water, expecting the word, would satisfy my thirst". Basically, the pronunciation of the word Jesus is not going to change your life. People say Jesus Christ while getting cut-off in traffic or stubbing their toe. I am sure a blind person has said "Jesus Christ" while stubbing his toe and was still blind after saying it. So what is a name? I think Jesus is saying, "believe in my authority, believe that I was appointed for a special purpose".


Then also I stumbled along the Biblical definition of 'word of God'.


I always heard the Bible as referred to as the word of God and then reading the Bible saying the "Word of God is pure" [proverbs 30:5], "Shall stand forever" [Isaiah 40:8], "quick, powerful and sharper than a two-edged sword" [Hebrews 4:12], "we are born again by the Word of God which liveth and abideth forever" [1 Peter 1:23] and the Parable about the seed and the sower Jesus said "the seed is the word of God" [luke 8:11]. Hearing all these things makes me wonder why Jesus said "You search the Scriptures because you think that in them you have eternal life; it is these that testify about Me; and you are unwilling to come to Me so that you may have life" [John 9:39-40]. If the Word of God is pure, the seed of life and salvation, in which we are born again. Then why does Jesus say that it's not in the scriptures/Bible that we find life and salvation? Could it be because the Word of God is Jesus? Revelation 19:13 "...He is clothed with a robe dipped in blood, and His name is called The Word of God." When Jesus came back they referred to Him as the word of God. Also with John 1:1 "In the beginning was the word..." John 1:14 "and the word became flesh" referring to Jesus being the word. [I suggest reading the whole chapter].


Maybe I am wrong, I know it goes opposite of what I have been told my whole life. But maybe when we read the phrase the word of God, we assumed it was the Bible and eventually just started referring the Bible as the world of God? The Bible says "all scripture is God breathed" etc. I think the Bible still has merit, but separate merit. I think that the American church has made the Trinity become; the father, son and the holy bible. Maybe our priorities are a bit off? Maybe we should look at the Bible as an arrow, that leads us to the truth about Jesus, but as Jesus says, you will find life coming to me, not by reading the Bible. Plenty of Atheists read the the Bible and I wouldn't assume they found spiritual life.


Which leads me to my last newly discovered definition: Word: Message, command, a symbol of an idea, information, report, affirmation, promise and conversation.


Thinking about Jesus as the command, promise, message and conversation of God is so much more mind blowing to me. Jesus comes to earth as an expression of God our author, giving us the message to Love one another and also giving us the message that he can raise Jesus from the dead with all our sins on Him, so He can do the same for us.


I think our cheapened views of God have not only affected our own lives but of those around us. When I explain my beliefs of Jesus being the word of God it's not to cheapen Jesus or the Bible, but to put them in the places they deserve. The Bible has some regard in my mind, but I certainly do not compare it to Jesus.


your companion,