Messes of men, formed in poverty.

I miss having only one of my friends with a car and the rest of us had to pile in and keep each other company. When my friends parents couldn't give him a ride we would have to ride bikes to the nearest store to buy bags full of candy before we would watch The Simpsons.  

Now we all drive to the same restaurant or venue in separate cars, our hanging out ends when we decide to go home, not when we arrive to drop someone off. 


When I took a bus from the LAX airport to my friends house I hung out with a homeless lady that was thrilled to have someone to talk to, then when she got off a elderly man from China came over to me because he saw I would talk to anyone and we talked about his life, his jobs that he liked and didn't like and then he gave me directions to my destination. 


Walking away from the bus I was thinking, "if I had more money I would have gotten a taxi and even more money would have gotten me a rental car". It's then I realized, though cars and taxi's aren't bad, the lack of money forced me into human interaction, it forced me to be with people. Money isn't the cure nor the disease, but it certainly can separate or even force our human interaction. Having it can allow us to only hang out with the people we want to. Lacking pushes you into conversations and interactions you may never would have had, which tests your patience and allows you to adapt to all sorts of walks of life. spatula 


The economy and potential for another great depression gets me excited. I think it's poverty that forces us to love, forces us to get a house with 15 other people, forces us to have a Biblical version of Church. Where everyone shared and ate together.


In Acts it says "there was not any among them that had a need", basically they depended on each other and just as Jesus predicted, people knew they were Christians by their love, and their number was growing daily.


I am excited about this, maybe nothing happens at all, but if something does, I cannot wait, what a chance to really show how much we can love each other and also, just possibly, show who is a Christian for the money?


I don't have a point, this is just a few things I was thinking about.


your friend,