One more day.

When receiving a gift, like a sweater, it's great to say thank you to the person that gave it to you, but the best way to show appreciation is to wear the sweater, use it the way intended, and just enjoy it. I have seen situations where someone gave a gift and the receiver just kept saying thank you and never used the gift, sometimes never even taken it out of the box.  

Even worse would be to use the sweater to soak up spilled drinks and patch up old pants. Using the gift against it's intended purpose will overshadow all the thank-you's that your vocal chords can handle.


Each day we are given by God we should be thankful for, which doesn't mean sit at home all day thanking Him for the day but enjoying the day and enjoying this gift the way it was intended to be enjoyed.


I have heard many times, "live like you are going to die tomorrow" and "live as if this is the first day of the rest of your life". I while I was enjoying the company of some friends and enjoying a laugh, I felt like I wasn't being thankful, but I feel like God said "Live like you were supposed to die yesterday, but for some reason God gave you one more day".


Basically with that mindset, I would first be curious of why He gave me the extra day, I don't think I am putting words in God's mouth if I said the reason we have breath and this day, is to Love Him and Love people. 


Tomorrow, if you are still alive, the reason you are still alive is to Love.


God is love, when we Love God gets the glory. There is an adventure in loving.


your friend,