Money isn't real

  I got this idea that I should make a shirt that says, "money isn't real". Usually before I do things I sometimes try to predict the responses I will get when I do them [maybe that is why I precede my points/thoughts with warnings and/or pointless chatter]. When I was thinking about having a shirt that says 'money isn't real', I would guess that people would come up to me with good points about how money does buy things. I guess saying money isn't real is as ignorant as saying 'God isn't real', because the very reason there is a computer I am typing on is because I spent money to buy it, the computer is in my possession because of money. But higher up the master latter, there is God, the reason there is money and people to transact with is because of God. Saying God isn't real is to totally ignore the oxygen we have, the lungs to inhale with, the respiratory system to convert oxygen into our blood, the heart to keep it moving, the veins to disperse the blood and the body to manage all this complexity.


There were other ways to get this computer, I could have stole one, I could have traded a friend or craiglist poster, I could have won a contest or even received it as a gift. It is very possible to own something without having money. But I certainly could not have done anything at all without God.


Each day we give credit to money for buying things, we tell our friends, "I paid this much for that!" etc. Every time we buy something we are reminded that it was because of the money we had, when we go to buy something and we can't we are reminded it was because of our lack of enough money, when we buy something we exchange it with money which reminds us that money made that transaction possible.


But every breath I take I forget it was because my lungs and the rest of my respiratory system and even more so I forget that I have a respiratory system and everything else is because of God. 


your friend,