Pre-warped tour prayer

[The great thing about this site is I can categorize my blogs, this falls under my past handwritten journal entries that I've read recently and they've helped me]  

[This was a prayer I wrote down before my first warped tour in 2007]


In the next few months I will be in front of millions of individuals that You love.

I will have the opportunity to love millions, if for a minute I forget that You took nine months to create/design everyone of them and I ever think that I am any better please get another person for the job, if at any moment I let my desires and temptations distract me from loving those who need it.

If I make people think that I am only loving them with my own strength until something more pleasing to me comes along, than I pray I can be blessed with a milestone and a deep enough water mass.*

Allow me and my selfish desires to unblock Your love trying to shine through me.


*Re-reading that now seems a little harsh, but I remember now that when I wrote that I truly felt the importance of the love of God in my life and also in showing it to other people, I mean it's not like those are my words, Jesus is brought it up, and He did probably because of the importance of our souls being led to truth and love and Him.