A lot of people look down on pornography, some wonder why, some know exactly why, and some just feel that it is wrong but are not sure why.  

Porn gives a false hope and false fulfillment of sex. Over a course of time the viewer believes they will soon be able to have sex anytime and anyway they want. Which in reality, even married people do not get this sex life, and it causes sometimes great disappointment when going into a marriage. It also takes a natural craving that a unmarried person is supposed to start training before they merry and eventually takes away the control of the viewers natural craving. 


I believe that everything needs to be tamed and moderated, sometimes we aren't supposed to enjoy something unless we can live without it, that is how we eventually tame our natural desires. Like food, sex, pleasure, laughter, friends, myspace, etc. If you cannot live without it, you will never enjoy it to it's fullest.


So here is an analogy I've been thinking about: porn is to sex as social networking websites is to friendship?


I had a myspace and facebook, I deleted them, but it may be temporary, I felt like I needed to say that so I don't come off as judging or anti-social networks.


An example of my daring analogy would be this: some nights after editing/work I would think, after that long day I would enjoy some social interaction, I would enjoy hanging out with some friends. I craved and needed some human interaction so I got on facebook to check events going on that night and also see who is on to maybe message them to see if they want to hang out. After logging in I would see I had messages, I would read and reply, maybe even message some other people, write back to comments and read all the other ones. Eventually throughout the night I had a (false) sense of fulfillment of my human interaction craving. Just like one that once craved sex, feels fulfilled after looking at porn.


Facebook/myspace was giving me the option to be there for my friends when I was ready, there was no sacrifice being practiced. When someone was going through a rough time in their life and sent me a message, I could listen to my favorite band while reading and reply after eating or hanging out with friends. I once heard love is "my burdens are your burdens and your burdens are my own". If you are going through a rough time and I was truly there for you, I would be there listening, or trying to cheer you up or even in some cases just weeping with you. But it became a "I will right back my condolences when I have time" not "I am putting my life aside until you get yours back on track".


I am not sure if this is science but it makes a lot of sense to me: when we crave something sweet we assume it is candy so we buy the candy we think would fulfill that craving most. But when we crave something sweet, it's our body craving a fruit or even a certain fruit and if we had a consistent diet of fruits and vegetables we would be able to narrow down our cravings to the fruit. Our body craves something like a strawberry because it needs the vitamins the strawberry contains. So candy is just a counterfeit of fruits. 


I hear a lot of Christians talking about or talking to non-Christians saying, "you are getting drunk/having sex/getting high/etc because you are trying to fill the void, the god-shaped hole in your life". I thin that is right, in fact I think it's so right that we christians do it almost every day. We have a God-given craving to love someone and we get a false fulfillment from just giving them a tract or holding a door open for them. We feel a God-given craving to experience God/life and we read books about it or listen to songs which should just lead us to experiencing God but shouldn't be giving us a false fulfillment. Sometimes I feel the need to spend time with God so I fill that void with the Bible which only lasts for a moment. I know that sounds contradictory, but reading the Bible isn't God, in fact Jesus even says it, "You diligently study the Scriptures because you think that by them you possess eternal life. These are the Scriptures that testify about me, yet you refuse to come to me to have life." Scriptures, books, worship songs, conversations with other Christians, these are all great but they should be pointing us to God, not giving us a sense of fulfillment so we stop at these.


your friend,