I am reluctant to post this...

But it is important to not only know what the world says about the God who is, but also to know what the church is saying God is like. This video is certainly upsetting but after is my reply to my friend:  


My Reply: I saw that video, I certainly hated his delivery, but there was a little truth in it [we don't deserve God's love], but some of it was him being excited to tell people they are going to Hell because he has worked very hard on his own to think he deserves salvation. Regretfully, even when I start getting into works and not grace I start judging more too. Look at the pharisees, they worked so hard on being 'righteous' that they even had problems with Jesus. We all know we cant earn righteousness. I think that man had great points but, he is certainly is the brand of calvinist that I disagree with and I think the Bible does as well.



The Bible and Christianity is like a plane, it needs both wings to take flight. People take one verse and too often don't read any other verses about that particular subject.



I have been told if you think two verses contradict, put them together, do not make a doctrine out one of your favorites or most convenient to you. Like, "wives submit to your husbands" and many have used that to back up their beliefs while failing to read, "husbands submit to your wives".



He certainly misunderstood that verse, John 3:16, if God defines the world as the believers, why does the Bible talk about not being of the world, don't love the world, and don't be of the world? I think I am justified in being pissed at his arrogance to think he is the authority on that verse and the Bible, anyone that sure of himself isn't likely to learn from God. If I said I made sandwiches for the house across the street and whoever comes over can have some and will not stay hungry. Maybe I said that because, I made enough for all that occupy that house, everyone in the house is hungry and I am not condemning them to hunger but they are choosing to remain hungry, and I don't make the sandwiches for those that leave the house but they are already available to those that leave. 



Here is a verse that man must have overlooked while wearing his Calvinist glasses, "and he [Jesus Christ] is a propitiation for our sins: and not for our's only, but also for the sins of the whole world" -1 John 2:2


Who is John talking to? Is he writing to a specific church and then referring to other Christians as 'the whole world?' If it was one of Paul's letters one can argue that, but this is one of the letters in the New Testament not written to a specific church but Christians everywhere, so when John says 'us' he means Christians so he is probably saying, "not just for Christians, but the sins of the whole world." Jesus already made enough sandwiches for the whole world, all we must do is come to him and we will not grow hungry, there is enough for all.



Don't discard everything this guy said, he has made some great points, but should be taken with a grain of salt.



I feel my ramblings aren't far from what we are missing and what I was missing for a while this year: the accurate understanding of grace. Videos like that can obscure your understanding of God's grace. Although the answers are not in my blogs, I am writing a blog about His grace, that will hopefully make you think more about God's grace and be able to show grace to others.



your friend,