Lost Blog #2: Daily Spiritual Journey

[I found a lot of unpublished blogs, I'm posting the ones that still have relevance or seem complete enough] I have heard many people talk about going on a "spiritual journey", which involves them getting into a car for a long period of time and going on a road trip.

The days I work for one guy in Atlanta, I have to drive about 50 minutes to get to his place. I was thinking, how is it different than a "spiritual journey"?

I realized, it's mindset and goals. My goal of driving to work is to get to work. But if my goal was to "find God" or "do some soul searching" I wonder if it would apply.

Why does it have to be a month long journey? I think if we engrain it into our everyday life, make those the underlying goals, it wouldn't build up the need for it to be a really long trip.

Just like someone that travels for a living doesn't tend to take vacation away from home. If we did soul searching and sought after God on a daily basis, I think it wouldn't build up so much.

your friend,