Lost in the Details

I have realized that in the past year or two I have been seeing God as manageable and smaller than actually He is.


Basically it's like I am playing in the sand and I dug a hole and filled it with water. I look at it and think, "I can get to know a lot of this body of water and I can dig more to make it bigger, I can build a castle right there, I can look at it for a few years and know every crevice, every in and out."


Then God tapped me on the shoulder and said "look behind you" and I looked and saw a huge ocean. I got so overwhelmed by the mystery, the power, the untamable and immovable body of water that I just had to give up with my puddle.


I get often lost in theology and I miss God. I start trying to understand everything about God. Getting lost in doctrines and ideas of God, trying to figure out what to believe and what not to believe, to figure out what doctrine is sound and fits God the most.


There are a lot of times, especially on tour, where I get to laugh and talk with a someone for a few hours and after that time has passed and I've gotten to a point where I would call them my friend and trust them with a lot of personal or important things in my life. I eventually turn to them and say "by the way, what's your name?".


It's so funny how sometimes when meeting people the first things we ask are, "what's your name?" "what's do you do for a living?" "are you a student?" "what's your major" and all that other stuff before we can hang out with them. But I think some of my best friendships started when I didn't know any of that stuff first, we just enjoyed each other's company.


And sometimes with things like Facebook and Twitter, all our information is right there for people to see. They can see your favorite shows, to what interests you, your birthday, where you grew up and so many other things. We have eventually lost the human touch of saying "where are you from?" and getting to hear their story and have some personality behind it, instead of just facts. They can tell you if they liked their hometown, why they moved and if they were a military kid that moved every four years. Since I got a Myspace then a Facebook I don't remember the last time someone asked me "when is your birthday?".


I believe God wants us to just come to Him, once we start hanging out with Him and spending time with Him, we will start to get to know Him. I think both are important, don't get me wrong, but I am saying don't get caught up in details.


So when I look at the ocean, I think "where do I start?" I can spend my whole life just studying coral, seaweed, jellyfish or sharks, but then I still would only know a small percentage of the subject I chose and still not have even touched the million other things in the ocean to study, from the plankton to the whales.


God isn't a hole in the sand that I can study, change and figure out. But He is, in comparison, the ocean that should just amazes us and inspire us to just jump in and go swimming and when we swim we will come across some fascinating things in the process.


your friend,