Slugs and Bugs. Cats and Clouds. [learning things through the charge of a camera battery]

Just about a week ago, through some really miraculous blogable instances, I bought my first professional video camera. I cannot even express how excited I was and still am about this. I have been filming tadpoles, beetles, clouds and moons in time lapse [high-speed], lizards, spiders on their webs, dragonflies, wake boarders, etc. [I haven't even had the camera for a week].  

Anyway, I have been learning so much about God, this planet, nature and creation through this camera. I have never owned a video camera that can film stars at night, clouds at high speeds and water in slow motion. But seeing this all in a new eye has been so great, and adding to my love for creation which is a result of my love for the God that made it.


Though I have seen clouds in high speed video before, it never really hit me that they are always moving, exploding, evaporating or expanding, until I filmed them myself. Because opposed to watching someone else's video you don't have to sit there and wait. You don't notice that 5 minutes of looking at the clouds and you will be looking at a whole new cloud. 


Last night I filmed the moon in high speed and it really showed me how quickly the moon moves, you can actually see it move, without a camera, if you just look at a stationary item in the foreground. As filming it, I was looking at my camera screen and saw it move in relation to all the numbers and words on the screen. I never noticed that about the moon before.


By zooming in I learned how many bugs are in an everyday house. By watching and following I saw what a cat does with all it's free time. By sitting in one spot for a while in a forrest I noticed how many animals are always around in one square-yard. 


By looking close, standing still, waiting, following, paying attention. I have learned the most I have ever learned in such a short period of time.


Sometimes we think God isn't moving, but maybe that is because we need to stand still. Sometimes we don't think God is with us, but we need to look close and find him under and behind all our distractions. Sometimes we don't realize what God is doing with all eternity, but we just have to follow Him and see. 


your friend,




Watching material, but you should really see the world for yourself. It truly isn't the same: