My response to a thought-provoking comment.

On my last blog, "The Tightrope and the Net", I talked about how the Law of God is like a tightrope, the more we focus on it, the more likely we are to fall. But when we have the forgiveness of Jesus, it's like a net under us, knowing that if we fall, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins.  

I received a public comment*: "This is not true.....It is SIN not Fear that makes us fall"


My response:


I never said that fear makes us fall, though I believe it can and has, in which the verse "perfect love cast out fear" [1 John 4:18], just adds the my point about the tight rope, the net cast out fear.


What I meant is that when we focus on the sin and not the Lord, we usually fall. I may be only able to talk about myself. Every time I think about not falling I fall.


Saying SIN makes us fall is like saying 'crashing is what causes a car accident'. For sin, by definition is falling, missing the mark, wandering from God's Law.


Romans 7 is what inspired this blog. Paul talks about when the law says don't covet, it produces covetous desires in him.


When God told Adam and Eve, "don't eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil", they ate of it, even though they had a million other options for trees and fruit. The fact they couldn't eat of it created a curiosity and desire to try.


I could be wrong, as always.


your friend,




*I humbly take anyone's responses and corrections. I encourage them. If a correction is brought up publicly, I respond to it publicly, if it's brought up in private, I respond in private. My email is If it's brought up in private and I see my wrong, I will write a blog correcting it and delete the old one.