The Spider and The Web

One time I felt like I was going through a spiritual detox. It's when everything you thought you knew and thought you believed just gets flipped upside down. It's not the most fun place to be in, sometimes it can bring you to tears and make you loose all purpose in life.  

I remember I got in my car for another routine day and while I started to drive I noticed a little spider that made his web on my passenger side mirror. So of course as the car got faster the wind increased and the little spider decided this wasn't his favorite place to have a web. Instead of abandoning ship, he actually started recollecting his web. Spiders reuse their web and rumor has it, they rebuild their web every single day.


I remember looking over there and really feeling God saying, "you may have the right materials, but you have a bad foundation".


I think I want to leave this here, let you decide what that can mean.


but needless to say, all is well for me.

I really hope the same for you.


your friend,