I Write Blogs, Because I Know Nothing.

"Those who talk, don't know and those who know, don't talk" -Lao Tzu*  

I write blogs for the same reason a student writes a research paper: not to teach, but to learn. I have always learned from writing out my thoughts and ideas. I have also learned a ton from the responses and replies I have received.


I used to write blogs all the time, but then I started to slow down because I started getting this idea that writing blogs comes off as conceited or that I have everything figured out. I remember now that I write because I don't know. I am verbal processor.


Recently someone said to me, "if you want to learn about something, try to teach it". This is what reminded me why there was a time in my life I was always learning about my faith, because I was always talking about my faith.


Maybe this is why sharing our beliefs is a huge part of our faith? Maybe that is why so many Christians in America slowly die out. Maybe it's because we have resorted to tracks? Instead of talking to people in a friendly, two-sided conversation, about our faith, we just invite them to church and hope that our pastor explains everything we believe for us?


I don't mean, "Jesus loves you" or "turn or burn". But actually opening up, letting people know your doubts, beliefs, strengths and flaws. But not without loving them first, loving them to know and understand them enough to allow them to trust you. I am not talking about trying to convert people but just converse. All my friends know I am Christian, I don't push it, they know I love them and I am aware of our differences, but we respect each other.


"If you cannot explain something simply, you don't understand it" -Albert Einstein


I love that quote, maybe if we want to understand something, we should try to explain it simply, or try to explain it to someone that doesn't agree and be willing to allow them to disagree even after we have explained it. Not argue it, but just live it and be able to explain why you live it.


This is what it means to have God use us in our weaknesses and not our strengths.


I hope you the best in your journey and I hope you will join me or allow me to join you in yours, regardless of where you are at.


your friend,




*though mewithoutYou is soon to make it big