Waterproof Drawings

So out of the Ten Commandments I think the one that seemed to fit the least to me is 'honor the Sabbath'. I mean it seems like 'don't kill', 'don't steal' and 'don't commit adultery' seem to make sense in "God's most important commands" [as they seem, but really aren't*], but that one always seemed so minor, but it's until recently I realized how huge it is.  

I think I really understood the importance of honoring the Sabbath really meant. Sabbath is taking a walk with no other purpose than to pray and meditate. Sabbath is setting aside time in a week, a day, an hour, etc to God and not worry about your productivity of that moment. To sit on the grass and not worry about your to-do list of that day or week.


Prayer to me is talking to the God of love, asking forgiveness from my failure to love and learning how much God loves me regardless. It seems like God allows us to keep failing so we can keep learning that God will still stick around, He will still love us. When I learn this through prayer, I start loving in my everyday interactions. Love God [breath in] Love people [breath out]. You really can't breath out without breathing in and vice versa. When I try to love people it shows me my flaws and then it shows me how cool God really is, that he still loves me, but it's when I don't try to love people that I start to think I am perfect, then I fail to see God's unconditional love for me. Basically, it's through conditions that we can know what is unconditional love and what is not. Just like it takes jumping in a pool with a watch on to truly see that it's waterproof. They say you can't fail without trying, so when I don't try to love people I don't see my weakness, when I don't see my conditions, I don't see God's unconditional love.


I really hope this made sense, because I know I am rambling.


So when I have tried to make friends and love people without having a Sabbath, a set aside time with God, I started seeing my edge, seeing the limits of patience I have. I really started to feel the need for a walk, I used to walk every night to pray and meditate, now I tell myself I am too busy as I check my facebook one more time. So I was starting to walk tonight and thought "I need to get milk and food, I can pray a drive" but that is when I learned that I try to put my errands first and pray while running them. What I need to do, is have walks and times that I have no other purpose but to learn from God. In fact my whole life should be focused on learning from and about God, and I just happen to be doing errands on the side. Instead of doing errands and happen to be praying on the side.


If I was drawing I can focus on two things, what I am currently drawing, or the final desired drawing, which would be the person. I can draw the nose and stay focused on that then when I move to the eye, I start focusing on that, or I can focus on the person I am drawing, but happen to be drawing the nose at the moment. Then each little task, accomplishment brings me closer to the end, instead of feeling overwhelmed with the ears, the eyes, the mouth, the hair, the face, the neck, the arms, the legs, the feet, the pants, the hands etc. etc. 


My to-do list has now diminished to a few simple things, which is to honor God, to learn about God's love for me, and show people God's love for them. Now everything else is just small ways I accomplish the ultimate list. But I haven't gotten into this habit yet, I just learned that I should make it a habit.


your friend,




*Matthew 22:36-40