Right Place, Right Time.

  I know a lot of blogs start with "I looked up at the stars" but I have no other way to start this:


I looked up at the stars and thought about how huge a star really is and how far away they all are from each other. I thought about how a star is bigger than the world that I have barely been able to explore. I thought, 'that star is huge'. 


In the movie, Independence Day with Will Smith, they 'blow up the White House' as it appears, but in fact they are exploding a little model of it. I remember reading or learning about how they made that scene and apparently the model White House took thousands of popsicle sticks and obviously a lot of time detailing it to make it look real. In the end, you would think, "wow all that work for a five second shot in a movie?". 


As I looked at the the stars and thinking how big the universe is, how much isn't seen, I think about all the detail God put into making the stars though they only look like mere dots in the sky. I thought, "why did these stars need to be so big and so far away, couldn't God just have made little dots in the sky?". I feel like God did all this, to show us how big he is. If we created this universe, we would have settled for putting tiny dots on the sky, instead of huge ones far away.


I know a lot of people have heard that if the earth was tilted a little bit farther from the sun, we would have all froze and if tilted a bit closer we would have burned to death. A lot of us may have heard that while learning how perfectly placed our earth is. But even more interesting is that our solar system was placed perfectly in our galaxy that if anywhere else in the galaxy it wouldn't be able to support life. Even more interesting is that if we were placed anywhere else in our solar system, our galaxy or this universe we wouldn't have been able to study the universe in such depth as we can.


So the earth is placed in the prime spot for not only life but study, study of the universe.


God not only gave us life but also ways to learn and study him. 


His purpose wasn't to just give us little dots in the sky to look pretty when we take a girl out for a romantic evening, but he gave us stars to study, to learn and to understand his massive reach and attention to detail.


your friend,