The Ugly Forrest

While taking a stream hike I had to climb the knocked-over rotting trees, through the crumbled rocks and boulders that have fallen and I look up and see the beauty of the forrest. After taken a second look I realized that I was looking at dead rotting trees, water I cannot drink and defeated broken rocks.  

The Bible mentions the fall of man and how we started to die and decay because of sin. It also mentions how it effected creation as a whole. The fact that majestic trees rot, die and decay. The fact that strong rocks crumble and turn to sand. The fact that pure water pollutes and poisons isn't how God intended this world to be. 


I think now realizing this I can look at creation and see that this world truly is slowly decaying, rotting and crumbling. It reminded me how temporary this world really is.


But what I also noticed is how beautiful a forest is, even with decay. Even with the fall and even though it's not how God intended things to be, He still manages to make things beautiful. A broken-down rotted tree is different, but beautiful in a new way. The tree that was once homes for birds and animals has become a home and shelter for snakes, bugs and other animals.


Though I am fallen and continue to fall, God has done some incredible things in my life and continues to do so. Though us humans are not how God intended us to be, we have such a potential to still be beautiful.


People talk about God shooting lightening down to strike us dead for sinning. But the fact that He doesn't strike us down when we gossip about a friend, hate a brother or lust after a sister is an incredible grace. The fact that the sun does shine on the righteous and unrighteous is deeper than I thought. It's incredible how self-centered we are to think that there will be a thunder storm in our town on the account of us.


"Because of the LORD's great love, we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail." [Lamentations 3:22]


What we do with our free time or what we don't do when with people, doesn't affect the love God has for us. I have had some pretty sinful days and the earth still spun. That should remind us that God still loves us, God is still willing to make us beautiful, even despite our ugliness.


your friend,