Strange Beliefs

I have learned that the things I believe I get really weirded out by when they're verbalized. I believe so many things as normal and then when someone or even I start to speak about my beliefs I start thinking, "do I really believe that"? I really start realizing that my beliefs and the Christian faith asks use to believe some pretty bizarre stuff. Things that sound weird to a lot of people that don't believe that and I am beginning to think that it should sound weird to us too.  

I was at a Bible study and someone brought up Jesus' death and stuff. We started discussing what Jesus did in those three days, some were talking about how he went into the depths of hell to get the key to the gates of hell and set the captives/undead free. This is when my mind began to think, we were talking about this like nerds at a Sci-Fi convention, we were doing this with straight faces. It sounded like someone describing a game of capture the flag, "Jesus got the flag and set all the prisoners free".


After a few months of really paying attention to what the Bible says and paying attention to what I claim to believe and agree with, I am admitting that my beliefs are pretty bizarre, they sound unreal or far-fetched. But for some reason it still seems real to me.


So I started to think about other things that I believe, and I dare say that everything that I believe even everyday things, seem very weird when accurately described.


I am here because nearly twenty-three years ago my parents decided to do something other than watch TV or take a walk. I came out of my mothers stomach. Right now I am typing a blog, then getting ready for bed, but I have to ability to bring another person into this world. It took 10,000 attempts for Thomas Edison to invent the lightbulb but any fool can create another life. When I break a bone it will morph back into itself, when I cut myself my skin it will reform to normal or at least almost normal. Think about that, when we watch a super-hero get shot and then the wound instantly heals itself we are amazed, but this happens to us all the time, just a slower rate. These solid bones and skin were once a drop of blood. 


Look at a very tall tree, like a fifty-foot tree, think about how it was also once a little seed, a seed you can put in your pocket and carry it into your house, that seed became a tree that not only cannot fit inside your house anymore but can be used to build a house. When I was a kid I saw those toy sponge dinosaurs that you 'just add water' and then it grows six times it's size, and I was amazed. But when I look at a seed I forget how similar it is, 'just add water' and I will soon have a fifty-foot tree that provides shade for us and houses for birds. It just a slower rate than the dinosaur.


When typing this, my hard drive is spinning three times faster than my car engine, with an arm moving back and forth at sixty miles per hour. That isn't even mentioning the millions of crystals displaying my words and the different 1's and 0's being sent into outer space then back to your computer. That's not to mention the gravity that I take for granted that is holding everything to the table, the tree that grew from a seed that made the table, the gravity holding the satellite in the spot that we need it to be, the oxygen filling my lungs to feed my blood to move my fingers, and the heart to pump it.


My point is that there is so much going on, too much going on for our minds to fathom everything. Everything that I believe and the things that I just absolutely know to be true still sound weird to me when they are explained in detail. I didn't even scratch the surface of the details and events that had to take place just to write this blog. 


And to think the events that I mentioned that happened for this blog to be written were just the physical events, who knows what spiritual events are happening? The God of truth possibly speaking through me, the angels and demons fighting around me to get me to write the truth and fighting around even you to convince you either belief truth or this perspective. 


In the end, you can admit that the Bible contains some bizarre things and at the same time deny that the world also contains some bizarre things or you can believe that everything is strange, bizarre and even hard to believe at times, but nonetheless beautiful, mysterious and true. Whatever you conclude, I truly don't believe that it was as simple as you just disagreeing, there is a lot more going on in even the 'simple' decisions and beliefs in life.


Bizarre doesn't make things less true, it just makes them more interesting. Though the Bible is bizarre, it certainly is interesting, true and beautiful.


your friend,