Peanuts Without Water

  I think the gospel in America has been cheapened from what it really is. I have never had cable in my life but while staying at a friends house I went to look for some nature channel and started to discover one of the reasons the gospel has been cheapened.


Everything I have found in the Bible is moderation, basically the life we are supposed to live is impossible without the discernment of the Holy Spirit. I have learned that the Bible isn't a list of do's and don't, it's a book to understand the character of God, so we can then discern what is and what isn't the Holy Spirit. The Bible never commands us that we never have sex, get angry, drink alcohol, etc. but it says that there is a time and place for pretty much anything. It's moderation, we need to know when, where and how to partake in these things among many others. We aren't expected to automatically know about the right times and ways to partake and this is how I understand the reason and point of the Holy Spirit.


I also believe that preaching the gospel isn't right all the time, although living the gospel is. While on cable I switched the channel three times and each channel had someone praying the 'sinners prayer' [someone once asked me where in the Bible the sinners prayer is located, think about that]. I have heard someone say "we need to show people the music of the gospel so when they hear the words they will then understand it". I completely agree, I think unfortunately America has heard the words way more than they have heard the music. The words of the gospel are like eating peanuts without water, though the peanuts are great, they become very unenjoyable without a glass of water along with it. 


I have mentioned a friend's name around a few ministry majors and they said "I hate them". In shock I tried to allow them to explain themselves by asking, "well I think there is somethings he does that is a little hard to deal with sometimes but I am sure you don't mean hate". They said, "I hate him". Before I go on I would like to say that there are a million things I struggle with, I certainly don't want this to come off like I am throwing the first stone because I may have my life together, I certainly do not, nor intend to appear that way. But when I heard this coming from ministry majors, in love for them, my heart sank, I really wonder what it is that they are learning in their ministry classes.


Hate will not only destroy yourself, the other person, the people around you but also destroy your credibility as a Christian and it will also make the gospel you preach just mere banter. I don't think the gospel should ever just be banter, it should mean something. The only way we can have it mean something is by living it as if it means something to us.


Minister means to serve. I have learned there isn't always an opportunity to serve the people around you in a physical labor way, but there is always a way to be there for people in the way they need, I believe that is a huge and also most accessible way to serve. If you cannot hang out with a fellow Christian, let alone be their friend, then I again would ask, what are you learning at Church and what Bible are you reading? I think the call to love people is something in the Bible that isn't left up to interpretation.


Jesus said, "they will know you are Christians by your love", He didn't say "they will know you are Christians by your college major". 


your friend,




*I don't mean to come of as gossip or being to tough on this person, my only purpose is the teach, not to gossip, if my purpose was the gossip I would have been more specific.