No further questions your honor...

Unfortunately, I have been having a lack of questions, or I guess I have been getting bigger questions that I am reluctant to ask. It seems like before when I had a constant wonder about my God I asked questions all the time. I need to remember to get back into the mindset of ask questions and never conclude. I have concluded or brushed my tough questions under the rug.  

"Ask and you shall receive", It's been hinted that that verse is about asking for something physical and you shall receive it, but it actually talks about seeking, searching and finding. When we have tough questions we should ask, that is when we really start not only receiving answers but also humility, a realization that we don't have everything figured out, also it shows those around us the same, it gives them the confidence to ask their deepest questions.


I think sometimes that if you are a leader or if people look up to you for advice you shouldn't ask questions because it makes you seem like they shouldn't learn from you, which certainly should never be the case. Hundreds looked up to John the Baptist and that didn't stop him from sending messengers to ask Jesus if he really is the messiah. Thinking about it, I can't imagine this being a impulsive question, where he just brought it up, but I bet he thought about it all day and night in prison, I mean he sent messengers, not to say "how are things" or "prison sucks" but he actually was willing to use his 'phone call' to ask Jesus if He really is Lord. 


Sometimes in the church when we see someone with a question we think they are a weak leader or 'weak in the faith'. Ironically, after John the Baptist's question, his open doubt about Jesus, Jesus began to tell the crowd that there is not one born of women that is greater than John. I think I can learn that Jesus has a tremendous respect for honesty and questioning. What better place for doubt than the church? A community of people that are all trying to understand the un-understandable.


your friend,




*Matthew 7:7

*Matthew 11:1-19