Burning bridges.

I was driving down the road and was looking at the trees and trying to fathom how long it took those trees to get there and that big, and how often I just drive by them.  

Then I drove under a bridge, and was thinking about how the steel was possibly made and that a tractor trailer had to transport it from the steel factory then drop it off to be made into a bridge, and then I kind of thought about the chances of that tractor trailer sometime later driving over the bridge that it transported.


I guess you can learn three things from this:


1. You can carry something and it can one day carry you, kind of like how our parents raise us then we take care of them when they are old.


2. You never know where something or someone has been so don't assume that you haven't been positively affected by someone. There could be someone that is the reason you are alive today that you hate, and don't know it. Kind of like if the bridge gave out on the tractor trailer.


3. I need to buy an ipod or get a girlfriend because I think about stupid things like bridges too much.


your friend,