The God of Truth

  I have said before, I idolize church and the Bible sometimes. Kind of like knowing that I can get water from a specific well but forget that I also can now get water from my house or a friends house.


God isn't limited to Church/Bible, we can learn from and about Him anywhere. That is one of the reasons Jesus died on the cross. To tear the curtain in the Temple that once separated from God.


Don't ask me how that all works. The equation of someone dying and a curtain tearing doesn't make much sense, either way, I know that I can and have learned about God without having to go to the 'holy of holies' in a temple.


I always thought for a while that the Bible was the only truth in the world when I had this mindset, I didn't look at trees, birds, worms and wind with a sense that the God of truth painted those. When I realize truth is all around us [but not everything around us is truth, if that makes sense], I listen to everyone speak with eagarness to hear what truth may come out. I certainly have lost that. When I listen to honesty amongst friends I remember that Truth isn't limited to anything or anyone, but only limited to God


God = Truth


When I remember that I feel like I can speak truth into peoples lives again and like mewithoutYou sings "the truth belongs to God, the mistakes are mine". He got that from his mom's teacher, it shows that whatever we say that is true, is God's and we shouldn't take credit.


I think of Church and the Bible to be arrows in fact Christians should also be those arrows. Maybe if we are truly all individual arrows when we all get together in love and truth we just become a bigger arrow. Which makes sense why the Church is an arrow?


"they will know you are Christians by your love" -Jesus


not by if you don't smoke, swear, have sex or drink, I am sure I am preaching to the choir


but I forget this often.


your friend,