Tone-deaf perfection

I went to a church and during the musical worship service a semi-mentally handicapped person brought his own tambourine and musical spoons. Now I don't get into cooperate musical worship as much as people think I should. But when this man started beating his tambourine incredibly off-beat I really got into worship.  

I was really thinking "man this is a great example of how anyone can come to God, whatever their flaws and however they are" but it reminded me that it's not limited to musical worship, but also applies to life. When we sing together we are embracing unity and it also shows that when we sing together for a while, the people that are singing off-key will be able to learn from their neighbor how to sing by just singing along with them.


If we live our lives on key [on key with how God wants us to, by loving God and people] eventually the people [including Christians] around us that aren't living exactly how they should, will almost tune their lives to ours. Because when tuning an instrument, without technology,  you have to hear the purest form of that note first, then align it to what you have heard. When I sing along with someone that is next to me, I usually hear their notes/rhythm and try to improve my own by comparing.


I've noticed when someone starts gossiping or maliciously insulting someone, if you just join in talking about that person, but only give compliments, that person will slow down or stop eventually. In fact I know from experience that it is really hard to do the wrong thing when someone next to you is doing the right thing.


Musical worship is now reminding me of how real worship changes lives. 


So anyway this guy was hitting the tambourine off beat and actually for really slow a cappella songs. Every minute that he was joining into worship, I joined in. I felt like even with our flaws and shortcomings we can do something together and can be more unified. I saw his musical flaws, they reminded of my spiritual flaws and that either way we can come to God together with them [this not only applies musically, but in how we live].


But then an usher made him stop playing.


Then I thought, maybe I can come to God with my shortcomings, but not everyone will let me, but God will. I also thought that we shouldn't get mad at the church for stopping him, because the church didn't stop him, church is the collection of Christians that are willing to admit we have flaws and carry each others burdens. That guy may have been a church elder, but he isn't the church and we should should forgive him, he knows not what he did.


your friend,