This seems to be good news.

I certainly don't know as much about Grace as I would like to know. Even so, I believe that like Gideon's 300 soldiers, God has people do things with no strength so we know where the strength came from. I certainly do not know enough to teach on grace, but I guess that is the best way to teach, to not know anything so God can do all the work. [as long as you feel God telling you to teach]  

I used to think Grace is, "God will forgive you no matter what you have done. If you are a murderer, rapist, gossip, hater, etc God will forgive you". I think that is what the gospel of Grace has become and my flesh agrees, but something inside of me is telling me to write more about something more I certainly unsure of:


Tonight for the first time, Grace has become a little deeper. I am not the authority on Grace, all I really know is that I forget grace often and when I do, I am very harsh and legalistic with my friends and fellow Christians.


Grace isn't, "no matter what you have done everything is hunky dory". Because when trying really hard to believe this, something inside me would not let me, especially when I read the Bible, it seems to talk a lot about turning your faith into action.


I believe that Grace is help when you feel you do not deserve it. Basically Grace is the football coach that doesn't give up on you because you are weak and out of shape. Grace is saying "no matter what your past was, no matter what you have done, no matter what you will do I am going to make you my Child, I will be making you a righteous child of God"


With this newfound description of Grace it makes me really understand the Gospel of Hope for people like me. No matter what I have done in my past, I still have hope of a new life. Grace isn't this extraordinary opportunity to get a clean slate to return to our ways. It's a great opportunity to be made into a child of God no matter what we've done in the past.


Basically if there was a football player that was in great shape and great skill/talent we would assume that he is a shoe-in for the team. But if there was a guy like me, not too strong and certainly not a great football player, you would assume that someone must have pulled some strings and I didn't deserve it. If I am made perfect, if I am made whole, if I can love someone more than myself, then we can assume that someone must have pulled some strings or done something for me to become that way. It was Jesus and I still am not sure how or why.


God is willing to help us with our struggles, our flaws, our bad habits, our selfishness, etc. No matter how 'bad' the struggle or past seems, He is willing, waiting to help us.


If I am wrong, please: . If there is truth in this, thanks be to God, He knows more about Grace than I do.


your friend,