Good News:Bad News

I've heard many times "preach the good news" or "preach the gospel", which apparently gospel is a word for "good news".   

So at this point I'm beginning to wonder, "what is the good news?".


Good news seems to be relative, for example, if the Yankees win the world series against the Red Sox, a Yankees fan will say to his fellow fans and say "I've got good news, the Yankees won", and at the same time a Red Sox fan will say "I have bad news, the Yankees won". 


People tell me, "Jesus died on the cross", that is the good news!


I think the good news goes deeper than that, Jesus dying on the cross is the great mystery of the Christian faith, I don't expect a listener to say "oh He did! That is good news". Not many people equate someone dying a brutal death as good news or as freedom from sin or as anything that will effect their everyday life. I think the good news is deeper, the good news is what His death did. If someone told me, "I have bad news, the Titanic sank", if I knew nothing about that ship, I would say, "what is the bad news?". The bad news would be that the Titanic sank with people on it. The ship sinking isn't the worst news, but the ship sinking with lives on it is where it become devastating. 


Some people sit on corners with sandwich boards saying, "you are going to burn in Hell". That certainly isn't good news, I thought. But I think it's good news to the people saying it. Sometimes those people are so far from love that they enjoy the fact others are burning in Hell. I'll go on YouTube and sometimes see a video about or against my faith and eventually I will read the comments on it and there is usually always huge debates. When the Christian is desperately loosing, I've seen many times they post a comment saying "well that is fine if you want to live in your ignorance, you are going to burn in hell" and though it's written in text you can still feel the writer enjoy saying that. Which I think even Jesus would ask something like, who is further from the Kingdom of God?


We must not forget where we have been and what we have gone through, or we may return to it. I threw out my back when I was lifting something once, now when I lift something I lift with my knees and very carefully, because of the memory of what happens if I don't. Now if I forget, I will start lifting things the incorrect way again. We shouldn't look down on anyone for being in the state we were once in. Our lives should preach the good news of, "you no longer have to be in that condition/pain/etc". I certainly know what life was like without hope and light. 


In the end, the good news is for all, it should be reminded to people that believe they already know what it is, and people that never has heard it before. The good news is, there is hope for a cut down tree, there is hope in places of your life you have given up on, there is light for your darkness. I used to laugh and I still wasn't happy. But now I laugh because I have joy. 


Just because you are smiling doesn't mean you are happy. -someone without Joy/peace in their life is the bad news.


No matter what you did or didn't do, there is hope for joy in your life -that is the good news.


I think if we get to know people we will find out their bad news, and know what will be good news to them.


your friend,