Friends/Marriage/Growing up [06.10.06]

  There is something unexplainable about your best friend getting married.


When we were kids I have always had time to spend the night every Friday night, we talked about girls and told each other who our crushes were at the time. I remember after performing at out of town shows with Puppets INChrist, and having to sleep at random churches and houses, but always getting the same room or floor/sleeping area, walking to the kitchens late at night and the lights would burn our pupils.


At his house we would walk down the road to play Nintendo and make movies at our other friends house. We would have late night walks to a near-by creek to show off an underwater flashlight because the sink wouldn't be as cool. I rode my bikes miles to his moms new house the find out he is at his fathers house. So I just rode to my former youth pastors house and I talked about how much I loved youth group and it was a good thing to have.


Soon after, my friends and I would call each other on our house phones to brag about our new driving licenses, not knowing the ability to drive would actually make us too busy to hang out like we used to. We would both get jobs and wouldn't visit each other because time started to equal money.


I drove out to his families fourth of july party at some out of season swimming lake and we got on the lifeguard chairs yelling, 'no getting wet' at the swimmers, pretending to be strict lifeguards. But didn't hang out nearly as often as we used to. We got more friends and seemed to just get too busy.


Years later I show up to his graduation party at that same lake to meet his new friends and his first girlfriend, a relationship that was over a year deep, and noticed that I haven't been part of his life enough to make the graduation party photo montage.


After a sleep over here or there and a Christmas party once a year, we both realized how busy life gets, how friends mold your life so much and how much I wish I was there to celebrate his proposal with his college friends on the other side of America.  


Now I am living my life longing for the day we have a cup of coffee with our families and our kids running around like we did while our parents had coffee with each other. 


The days we see each other are always refreshing, and we have made more time for each other on the opposite sides of America then we did on the last few years he was in the same county as mine.


It always makes me look forward to spending eternity in heaven together realizing how much we affected each others lives.


*For those of you that know me as a videographer/filmmaker, this friend is the one I started making skits/films with when I was 10.


**If you really enjoy seeing the tie in, I put his wedding photo and another photo of us in the background of Really Real Show 22 when Chapstique was getting interviewed about bowling.